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“How does my county government make my life better for me?”

Written by:  Tori Varney 8th Grade
Burch Middle School, Mingo County, WV

Mingo County is the youngest county in West Virginia.  Located in the southern part of the state, Mingo County shares its’ borders with Logan County, McDowell County and Wayne County.  I’m writing to discuss Mingo County’s government and explain what it does for me and all residents of this county.

Kids in America have certain everyday needs.  Needs they don’t recognize from day to day, such as toothpaste, toilet paper, and soap.  Somehow, they are just in appearance whenever the need arises.  While researching our county government, I came across some basic needs that Mingo County supplies that kids, including me, do not recognize.  Our county government supplies essential services as:  water, sanitation, waste management, and emergency services.

To explain my newly found views I have selected three of the aforementioned services provided by our county.  I would like to begin with the water supply.  Everyone needs water.  Water is a renewable resource that is used for both health and hygiene.  Because it is renewable it must be filtered, recycled, and replenished.  Who would be the providers of this service?  You guessed it, the county government.  For a small monthly fee, city water is supplied to the homes and businesses of Mingo County for the wellness of society including members of youth such as myself.

The second item on my list above which is supplied by our county government is waste management.  Once a week, just like clockwork, all of Mingo County is privileged enough to enjoy the weekly visit from the waste management.  This is a service provided by Mingo County to ensure that garbage is deposed of properly instead of polluting our environment with harmful chemicals and bio hazardous waste, as well as everyday household trash.  It’s not just a catchphrase on a sign seen in passing; we desperately need waste management of Mingo County to help “Keep our county clean.”

Last but certainly not least, emergency services.  Our dedicated members of the police department and fire department provide all sorts of daily duties.  The Mingo County Sheriff’s Department puts forth a lot of effort trying “to protect and serve” the citizens of the county.  For instance, our police force works diligently to provide protection against drug activity, theft, reckless driving, and child abuse among many other important things.  Many people teach kids like me to be afraid of the guys in uniform.  On the contrary, we shouldn’t be afraid at all.  Our fire department keeps our fires, which seem to be happening more frequently, down to a minimum.  The citizens of Mingo County are very lucky to have such dedicated volunteers and members.  As law abiding citizens, we should commend their work as they are simply attempting to keep our county safe.

I, as well as every other child in Mingo County, have certain everyday needs which go unrecognized.  We acquire many needs, which are met with the help of the Mingo County government such as water supply, trash removal, and law enforcement.  I would like to say thank you to my Mingo County Government for all they do to ensure well-being for our youth although it often goes unnoticed.  Research on county government has given me a new appreciation for all that it does.

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