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Fiscal Issues

CCAWV is supportive of initiatives that have a positive effect on county funding allowing counties to generate their own funding needs and oppose those initiatives that take funding away from county programs and services.

Regional Jail Costs

CCAWV will continue to work with the WV Legislature and the WV Regional Jail Authority to identify additional revenue sources and jail population reduction methods in a unified effort to maximize the efficient use of tax dollars for incarceration of regional jail inmates.

Unfunded Mandates

In these challenging economic times, CCAWV will defend against unfunded mandates legislatively or administratively passed on to local governments.  CCAWV will evaluate and determine our position on any legislation that affects county finances.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse is an extremely critical problem and impediment to the workforce in WV and a major factor in the escalating burden on our criminal justice system.  CCAWV supports efforts to increase and enhance available treatment. 

CCAWV 2021 Legislative Priorities

  • Support legislation that will allow counties to enact a local 1% county sales tax. 
  • Support legislation that will allow for a portion of county publications in newspapers to be done via website. 
  • Support legislation to eliminate the property roll back tax calculation. This would eliminate the section of code that requires a reduction (roll back) in the regular current expense levy rate when the appraisal of property values results in a tax increase of more than 103% of the prior year projected property tax revenues. 

  CCAWV Supports:

  • Support legislation that would allow for collection and distribution of hotel motel taxes from AirBnB lodging. 
  • Support reduction of time limit on properties disposed for unpaid taxes from 18 months to 12 months. 

Please Note:  These legislative positions are generally stated and do not preclude CCAWV from re-evaluating each proposed legislative bill for “Support” or “Opposition” based on the bill’s actual language and its resulting effect on county government.

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