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Courthouse Closures

The Chief Judge of a circuit has the authority to order an emergency closure of the courts in that circuit, including circuit courts, magistrate courts, circuit clerk’s offices, magistrate clerk’s offices, family courts, and probation offices. Any time off for court staff is not considered annual or sick leave. Magistrates are on a holiday/weekend schedule during the closure.

In some counties, although the courts are closed, other areas of the courthouses may remain open. In other counties, both courts and entire courthouses are closed. For information on county offices not covered by the judicial orders (which cover only the judicial offices listed above), contact that county commission.

Full Open/Closed Listing

By Vivian Parsons, Executive Director

Today is the last day for the House to pass House Bills and the Senate to pass Senate Bills.  Any bill not passed by its house of origin, is a dead bill.

The County Official Pay Raise bill (SB 168) is still in Senate Finance and most likely dead.  It is highly unlikely that the committee would meet, pass the bill, send it to the floor, suspend rules and read the bill three times in one day and pass it.  The only hope now would be if some bill dealing with the same section of the code is still alive that the raise could be amended into, again, not likely.

SB 347 - the Transfer tax bill is also dead in Senate Finance.  The committee did pass a version (SB 526) that we will continue to follow.  SB 526 does NOT return any of the transfer tax now collected and sent to the State, but rather gives permissive authority to County Commissioners to impose an "additional" transfer tax up to $1.10 per $500 of transfer, that would be dedicated to regional jails and drug prevention/treatment programs.  This would work like the current authority allowing County Commissioners to impose an additional transfer tax for farmland prevention.

I have attached a list of those bills of County interest that have passed one house or the other and those that will likely pass today.  I'll go through tonight and give you a better picture of what's left and where it lands, by Friday!  Now, I'm off to the capital for "CROSS-OVER DAY!"  More later....

April is "National County Government Month" and the County Commissioners’ Association of WV (CCAWV) is hosting our 2nd annual essay contest for 8th grade students across West Virginia.

This year we have broadened our scope of winners.  There will be a monetary prizes for 1st,  2nd, and 3rd place student winners. There will also be a monetary prize for the 1st place winner’s Teacher to be used for classroom activities.  1st Place Student will receive $300 and teacher will receive $300.   2nd place Student - $250 and 3rd place Student - $150. 

One of CCAWV’s goals is to increase information and public awareness about county government and the office of County Commissioner.  As an initiative of this goal we are excited to partner with West Virginia educators to encourage students to learn and write about their local county governing body, the County Commission.  (Teachers, for your convenience, we are attaching our brochure about county commission responsibilities.)

Student participants are asked to type a 500-word essay on the topic.....

"How does my county government make life better for me?"

Take a class fieldtrip to a county commission meeting!  Ask your county commissioners to come speak to the class!  Find out what your county commission is working on in your county and encourage your students to write about it from the perspective of an 8th grader and why it matters to them.

A committee of commissioners and CCAWV Staff will serve as judges of the contest.  All entries must be emailed by 5:00 pm April 30, 2013 to qualify.  (Please see complete rules attached)

Entries should be emailed to:  vivian@ccawv.org

For more information, please contact Vivian Parsons at CCAWV vivian@ccawv.org or at 304-345-4639. 

A winner will be announced by May 24, 2013

Please down the form here.

The County Commissioners' Association of WV Endorses the NACo Prescription Discount Card Program

The County Commissioners' Association of WV now officially endorses the NACo Prescription Discount Card Program, which is one of the largest discount programs in the country serving county residents.

Since the NACo program began seven years ago, it has saved county residents nationwide more than $470 million. Nearly 38 million prescriptions have been filled through the program.

Currently, 47 of West Virginia's 55 counties participate in the NACo program.

The association considered many factors before making the endorsement. Those factors include the program’s past successful track record, staff and marketing support, history of proven savings, size of the participating pharmacy network, legal compliance and customer service.

The new endorsement agreement includes funding for the association of $.40 for each prescription when the NACo card gives the best price and does not affect the savings percentage to residents. CCAWV will partner with NACo and the program administrator, CVS Caremark, to grow the program and get cards into the hands of more county residents so they can benefit in these tough times.

Highlights and Features of the NACo Prescription Discount Card Program include: It’s Free—No cost to the county, no cost to taxpayers.

Valuable Discounts—Average savings program-wide of 24% and savings up to 75% on an individual prescription.

Generates Goodwill—County officials are able to generate some positive media publicity and NACo will assist you by generating and placing press releases.

Easy Access—Residents can obtain a printed card or may print one conveniently from the web at www.nacorx.org.

Marketing Support—Card and stands shipped to pharmacies and multiple county locations, unlimited free materials, press and PSA assistance. NACo will work with you to design a campaign based on your needs.

Marketing Reimbursement Fee—New in 2012! The NACo program offers an option for counties to receive a $1 per prescription marketing reimbursement fee when the card gives the best price. Counties that do not want to receive the reimbursement can continue with the existing program and expect a 2 to 2.5% increase in savings to residents.

For more information on implementing this great program or enhancing your current efforts, please go to the County Commissioners' Association's website at www.ccawv.org or call Vivian Parsons at 304-345-4639. You can also access information directly from NACo’s website at www.naco.org, Select “Solutions Center” from the top of the screen and click on the “NACo Prescription Discount Card Program” icon or any link to the program on the page. NACo membership staff can also be reached toll-free at 1-888-407-NACo (6226) and ask for
“ membership. ”

By Vivian Parsons, Executive Director

Hi folks, Day 37 of the Legislative Session..... Remember, Monday, February 20th is the last day to introduce bills in the Senate and the House (Does not apply to originating or supplementary appropriations bills or House or Senate Resolutions) February 26, 2012: Bills due out of committees in house of origin to ensure three full days for readings. Wednesday, February 29, 2012: Last day to consider bill on third reading in house of origin. (Does not include budget or supplementary appropriation bills.)   As always, if you have questions or concerns, just call (304) 345-4639 or cell (304) 415-1608.

By Vivian Parsons, Executive Director

Hi folks, Day 30 of the Legislative Session.....half way there!  Remember, February 20th is the last day to introduce bills in the Senate and the House (Does not apply to originating or supplementary appropriations bills or House or Senate Resolutions)  February 26, 2012: Bills due out of committees in house of origin to ensure three full days for readings.  February 29, 2012: Last day to consider bill on third reading in house of origin. (Does not include budget or supplementary appropriation bills.)

The new siding is up, and interior improvements have been proceeding on schedule. The floors have been sanded, the upstairs painting is nearly done, electrical updates have been made, and the parking lot has been repaved. There is some work that still remains to be done inside – the kitchen still has a way to go, the floors still need to be finished, bathroom counters still need to be replaced, and the landscaping needs to be tidied up.

We will keep you posted as work progresses!

By Vivian Parsons, Executive Director

Hello CCAWV...We are now in the 22nd day of the 2012 Legislative Session.  February 20th is the last day to introduce new bills in the House and Senate.  Following is a quick up date on some bills of county interest:

Calls to Action

SB 167 - Authorizing counties and municipalities accept credit or check card as payment.  This bill passed out of the Senate and goes to the House.  Will keep you posted on House committee assignment.
SB 168 - The county officials compensation increase bill is pending in Senate Finance.   Support for the bill needs to be expressed to members of Senate Finance.  Comments from several legislators is that the amounts are likely to be adjusted if the bill progresses.
SB 347 - Allowing counties to keep all the transfer taxes they currently collect to be used for regional jail costs.  Currently half is sent to the State.  This bill is also in Senate Finance.  Calls of support to Senate Finance is needed to get this bill moving.

CCAWV is gearing up for another issue of “The Resourcer.” Our biannual magazine will be published in time for our upcoming Legislative Conference in January. It is our goal to make each issue better – more informative and robust than he last! Our last issue dealt with preparedness, providing tips and ideas on how to be prepared in the event of an emergency. We appreciated all the contributions we got, and hope to collect even more for the winter issue.

The upcoming issue will focus on Economic Development in West Virginia’s counties. Does your county have a success story you’d like to share with fellow county officials? Maybe you have an active economic development authority whose work you think should be highlighted! Please feel free to submit an article, or encourage your fellow local leaders to do so. We are hoping to showcase the vital role County Commissioners play in West Virginia’s economic development. This is your chance to shine! Send your success story to megan@ccawv.org.

Do you have a legislative issue you’d like CCAWV to pursue in the coming 2015 session?  If so, fill this out and return it to megan@ccawv.org

It’s time to make plans to attend the County Commissioners’ Association of WV’s Fall Board & Legislative Committee meeting scheduled for September 21—22, at The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, WV. A block of rooms have been reserved at $199.00 per night, a $20 per night resort fee, and a 6.5% Historic Preservation Fee. Reservations should be made by calling The Greenbrier at (855) 421-4158.

September 1st is the reservation cutoff date. Check in time on Sunday is after 4:00 p.m. and checkout is 11:00 AM.

Following is the tentative meeting schedule:

Sunday – Sept. 21, 2014
4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. - Legislative Meeting
7:00 p.m. - Dinner
Monday –Sept. 22, 2014

9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. – CCA Board Meeting (light breakfast provided)
12:00 noon- Lunch
1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. – CCA Board Meeting continued

The registration fee for the board meeting will be $150.00 per county attendee/ $140.00 for guests. Registration for guests includes dinner and lunch. Please clip the registration form below and return to the CCAWV office by September 8, 2014 You can fax your registration to 304-346-3512 or email it to megan@ccawv.org.

Cancellation Policy: There will be no penalty for cancellations received on or before September 8, 2014!

September 9, 2014, and there after, all no-shows will be charged the full registration amount. We apologize for the need to adopt this policy, but on this date, the costs for room rentals, refreshments, etc. are incurred on your behalf even when you cancel and the Association is stuck with covering the cost. Thanks for your cooperation!

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