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Welcome to CCAWV

Our mission is to "maintain a statewide agency for the purpose of promoting the interest and general welfare of local county government through a variety of communication tools; to represent county government before the West Virginia Legislature, administrative agencies, and the federal government; to educate the public about the value and need for county programs and services; and to facilitate the exchange of problems, ideas and solutions among county officials."

Now a few updates...

SB 347 - Transfer Tax Bill - This bill will allow counties to keep all transfer tax in the county where it is collected and to use the funds to pay regional jail costs.  It is in Senate Finance and needs calls of support to Chairman Prezioso and all Senate Finance Committee Members!

SB 168 - County Officials Compensation Bill is still sitting in Senate Finance. Calls to Chairman Prezioso, and Finance committee members are needed.
The House Version of the Compensation Increase Bill is HB 4405. The bill is assigned to Political Subdivisions and then House Finance. Calls are needed to Political Subdivision Chairman Tim Manchin and the committee members, in order to get this bill on the agenda.  It did not run on Wednesday, February 15th and time is growing short.  Get on the Phones now and throughout the rest of the session!

HB 4449- Additional Oil & Gas Severance for Counties introduced - The purpose of this bill is to provide a source of funding for infrastructure projects in those counties that produce natural gas from the marcellus or utica shale formations. The billsets a baseline of tax collections at $64.8 million from oil and gas. The bill provides that ten percent of those funds collected in excess of that baseline will continue to be for the benefit of counties and municipalities. The bill provides that the remaining ninety percent be deposited equally between the General Revenue Fund and the newly created Marcellus Development Account. The moneys from the Marcellus Development Account shall be distributed to counties based on their pro rata share of the gas produced from the marcellus or utica shale formations. The bill provides that funds from the Marcellus Development Account may only be used for infrastructure projects.  This bill is similar to HB 4446 introduced last week, but instead of HB 4446's double reference, this bill is single referenced to House Finance only.

HB 4305 - Temporary Appointments. The purpose of this bill is to authorize the county commission to appoint a temporary successor for up to 30 days, if a vacancy occurs in offices of clerk of the county commission, clerk of the circuit court, prosecuting attorney, sheriff, assessor and surveyor. The bill passed out of the House Political Subdivision Committee this week and now goes to House Judiciary.   I have sent e-mails to all members of the House Judiciary Committee, including Chairman Miley, asking for their consideration and support.  Please make calls to the House Judiciary Committee.

HB 4107 - Training Requirements for VFDs. Relating to volunteer firefighters; requiring the State Fire Commission to establish training, equipment and performance standards by legislative rule; and authorizing emergency rules. The bill has passed the House and the Senate and will go to the Governor.

HB 422 - Pension Benefits for New Hires. The purpose of this bill is to reduce certain benefits for new members hired on or after July 1, 2012 in PERS, TRS and State Police Plan B. For new hires after July 1, 2012, Members in PERS will be contributing 6% of payroll, while receiving reduced benefits.  The bill passed out of Senate Pensions Committee, and is now in Senate Finance.

SB 469 - Relating generally to other post-employment benefits that directs funds, beginning around 2016, of $30 million into the Public Employees Trust Fund, passed both House and Senate and has gone to the Governor to sign.

HB 4488 - Reforming County Commissions - Introduced by Delegates Doyle and Fleischauer.  The purpose of this bill is to give counties an additional option in WV Code of electing additional commissioners (up to 9) to a county commission or to elect county council members by magisterial district by using the current method for reformation provided in the WV Constitution. Also, the "county administrator - county commission plan" option of county government is removed as duplicative of the “county manager”option.   The bill goes to House Political Subdivision then Judiciary.  It was on the Pol Sub Committee agenda, Wednesday, February 15th, but time ran out before the committee took any action.

The Constitutional Revision Committee originated a House Joint Resolution Wednesday and passed it out of committee to House Finance that will allow each county the option to increase the homestead exemption from $20,000 to an amount not to exceed fifty percent of the average residential property value, subject to legislative review and approval, and subject to approval by a majority of the county’s voters voting at an election and that will extend the homestead exemption to a surviving spouse who is under sixty-five years of age and not totally disabled under certain circumstances after the death of the qualifying spouse.  No number on the Resolution yet, will let you know....HJR _____

Attached are bills of interest to County Commissioners introduced February 10 - 16, 2012........


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