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Courthouse Closures

The Chief Judge of a circuit has the authority to order an emergency closure of the courts in that circuit, including circuit courts, magistrate courts, circuit clerk’s offices, magistrate clerk’s offices, family courts, and probation offices. Any time off for court staff is not considered annual or sick leave. Magistrates are on a holiday/weekend schedule during the closure.

In some counties, although the courts are closed, other areas of the courthouses may remain open. In other counties, both courts and entire courthouses are closed. For information on county offices not covered by the judicial orders (which cover only the judicial offices listed above), contact that county commission.

Full Open/Closed Listing


Another controversial bill this session was SB 347, the concealed carry permit bill. Ultimately vetoed by Governor Tomblin, the bill sought to remove the need for gun owners to have a concealed carry permit. Proponents cited the second amendment of the US Constitution, while opponents of the bill (including the Sheriff’s Association) questioned the bill’s effect on officer and public safety.

A third bill of notable importance, SB 234, was passed in the final days of the session, and among other things, would give the State’s 9 largest PSDs the ability to propose rates and have them approved by the county commission, rather than going before the Public Service Commission. That bill becomes effective June 12, 2015. We will be sending more details on these bills and others that have county implications, once all are signed into law by the Governor. Watch for your complete summary soon.

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