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Courthouse Closures

The Chief Judge of a circuit has the authority to order an emergency closure of the courts in that circuit, including circuit courts, magistrate courts, circuit clerk’s offices, magistrate clerk’s offices, family courts, and probation offices. Any time off for court staff is not considered annual or sick leave. Magistrates are on a holiday/weekend schedule during the closure.

In some counties, although the courts are closed, other areas of the courthouses may remain open. In other counties, both courts and entire courthouses are closed. For information on county offices not covered by the judicial orders (which cover only the judicial offices listed above), contact that county commission.

Full Open/Closed Listing


A packed agenda awaited Commissioners for the second day. Ora Ash, from the WV State Auditor’s office, provided an overview of county finances. Veteran County Administrator, Willie Parker, spoke about the Uniform Budget Process. After lunch, Duane Ruggier, III of Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown and Poe PLLC, went over the complexities of personnel issues. Bryan Brown of Brown Communications gave attendees tips on working with the media. Steve Rawlings of WVCoRP wrapped up the day’s agenda by discussing risk management.

After a night to absorb all that information, Commissioners were back at it early on Friday morning. Stephen Sluss, Attorney at Law explained the Board of Equalization and Review. Dave Barton of Shenandoah Valley Group tackled the complicated topic of insurance as it relates to counties. After lunch, the meeting wrapped up with a great, interactive panel comprised of other elected officials. Ernie Dennison, Nicholas County Assessor, explained the role of Assessors in the courthouse. Wyoming County Circuit Clerk David “Buggs” Stover spoke about the responsibilities of the Circuit Clerk. Jean Butcher, the Gilmer County Clerk, explained the Clerk’s role. The job of the Prosecuting Attorney was broken down by Taylor County Prosecutor, John Board. Tom McComas, Cabell County Sheriff, rounded out the panel. The elected officials did a great job of clarifying not only what they do, but how each of their roles intertwine. Elected officials rely on each other to keep the courthouse running smoothly!

We’d like to thank everyone who attended Basic Training! We’d especially like to thank the speakers, presenters and the elected officials who took time out of their busy schedules to make the trip to Bridgeport. We have a great group of newly elected Commissioners! We look forward to working with all of you!

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