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Courthouse Closures

The Chief Judge of a circuit has the authority to order an emergency closure of the courts in that circuit, including circuit courts, magistrate courts, circuit clerk’s offices, magistrate clerk’s offices, family courts, and probation offices. Any time off for court staff is not considered annual or sick leave. Magistrates are on a holiday/weekend schedule during the closure.

In some counties, although the courts are closed, other areas of the courthouses may remain open. In other counties, both courts and entire courthouses are closed. For information on county offices not covered by the judicial orders (which cover only the judicial offices listed above), contact that county commission.

Full Open/Closed Listing

Coinciding with that is that our county is rehabilitating people with drug issues. They're trying to get funds toward creating a rehab center. Until then, our magistrate runs what is called a "day report" alternative sentence, which requires you to obtain your GED and take drug tests every three days. This is used for people who are hoping to better themselves. That is huge because it shows that our county government isn't just punishing people. They're trying to get them back on the right track, and this makes my community so much more productive. He says that with the program, if the people follow through it helps to create more jobs, which is what my next topic is about.

The counties of West Virginia receive a severance tax from coal, which is our primary industry. The Mingo County government puts this money to good use. The county commission donates to local fire departments, and also reinvest in industry like coal to liquid fuel and the attempt to bring more factories to our county. What our officials are hoping to do is create more jobs outside of just the coal industry. They are investing in the future so that my generation will have jobs and opportunities so that we may stay in the county as we grow older instead of moving away to look for work.

In conclusion, I definitely feel as though my county government is putting thought into making it a safer environment, a cleaner place to live, and providing jobs for my generation. Not only do they take care of issues today, they are looking toward the future.

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