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Welcome to CCAWV

Our mission is to "maintain a statewide agency for the purpose of promoting the interest and general welfare of local county government through a variety of communication tools; to represent county government before the West Virginia Legislature, administrative agencies, and the federal government; to educate the public about the value and need for county programs and services; and to facilitate the exchange of problems, ideas and solutions among county officials."

Lewis County was 100% without power for four days. This rendered all forms of public service announcements useless. The task to find an alternative way to get life saving messages to her constituent was quickly solved by Commissioner Queen. Beginning at 9 AM on June 30th, she
manned the OEM 20 hrs a day for 2 weeks providing social media access for information dissemination and collection. Although phones were not working, many had cell phones that could be charged via car. They logged onto Agnes’ links and were able to find supply distribution
locations, obtain emergency contact information, and notify the OEM of issues that needed assistance. This was a huge benefit to the OEM and National Guard during the recovery process. Numerous individuals that had not been identified with medical needs, food/water needs and hazardous conditions due to down power lines contacted her.

As the power began to be restored, Commissioner Queen was able to give updates from the power company to the citizens. This was extremely helpful for those who had left their homes or families
who lived outside of the area. It provided a way to disseminate restoration projections thus decreasing the call volume to the OEM, as well as, a venue to stop rumors before they spread.

Comments from all over WV were received praising this cohesive integrated use of technology with the functions of OEM. In fact, when Lewis County received a visit from the Governor and Adjunct General they spent time looking at her project and taking notes to pass along to other agencies.

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